Machine learning helps to predict WiFi speed in more than one hundred thousand hotels

July 22, 2014 - Hotel WiFi Test is excited to announce its newest feature, which can predict the WiFi speed in most major hotels around the world. This new tool is in addition to Hotel WiFi Test’s main function, providing WiFi speed information for thousands of hotels around the world. This new development means that, travelers can have a much better idea of the WiFi performance for the hotels that they choose, even if full WiFi speed testing hasn’t taken place.

The prediction tool works in a similar way to the actual thought process of an experienced traveler. People who travel a lot know that WiFi is faster in some cities and countries than in others, that certain hotel chains provide superior Internet services, and a number of other factors that affect WiFi speed. However, this subjective knowledge is only based on personal experience and is not precise in terms of assigning weights to those different components.

Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm solves both of these problems. We have the largest and most comprehensive hotel WiFi test result database in the world, which is monumentally larger and more reliable than any personal experience could ever be. Furthermore, the machine learning training process allows for the determination of accurate weights, as well as the subtle, unexpected relationships between different hotel features that can affect hotel WiFi performance.

Studies continue to show that high-quality WiFi is one of the most valuable features for hotel guests. Now, technology savvy guests have a reliable way to evaluate this criterion before booking a room. Keep in mind that actual WiFi tests are more accurate than even our innovative prediction method. In the future, these informed estimations will be almost completely replaced by actual tests, but until then, this useful information closes the gap of uncertainty for our users.

That being said, when visiting a larger city with a lot of tested hotels, there is no need to rely on estimations. For example, 144 hotels in New York alone have tested WiFi performance based on validated tests, which means that visitors to New York have access to the best possible tools and knowledge to ensure that their hotel WiFi won’t disappoint them.

On the website, those hotels that have an estimated WiFi speed are clearly marked to avoid mistaking them for formally tested hotels. Also, some of the recently added website features include a hotel WiFi speed map, as well as a hotel name search, which will make it much easier to find almost any hotel that can be booked online.

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