Attract new guests

Get a higher level of confidence and a higher WiFi rating.

Monitor your WiFi network

See WiFi performance from your guests’ perspectives and access detailed real-time statistics.

Showcase your WiFi

Use a widget or API to display your WiFi speed or rank in the city on your website.


Dedicated speed-test page

Your hotel will have a dedicated speed-test page at You can provide a link to this page on your WiFi portal or in printed materials.

Embeddable speed test

Your guests can test your hotel WiFi using a widget without leaving your WiFi portal.


You can test your WiFi yourself using a laptop connected to the guest network and a special testing portal.

Seamless test

Get tests from your guests immediately after they log into your WiFi network. Your guests are required to take no additional action.

Real-time stats

Monitor your WiFi performance in real time from your guests’ perspectives and see their test results and comments.


Showcase your WiFi performance on your website using the widget. The widget can show your expected WiFi speed or rank in the city.


Implement custom widgets and access your statistics using the Hotel WiFi Connect API

Manage hotel information

Have you upgraded the network? Report the upgrade and get a fresh start. Did you change the hotel picture or write a new description? Now you can update this information yourself.


  • Low effect on ranking
  • Basic stats about your WiFi performance
  • Basic widget
  • Limited support


Most Popular
  • Medium effect on ranking
  • Detailed real-time statistics
  • Customizable widget
  • Standard support


Best value
  • High effect on ranking
  • Full real-time statistics with API
  • Fully customizable widget
  • Priority support


  • High effect on ranking
  • Full real-time statistics with API
  • Fully customizable widget
  • Dedicated account manager


By applying to this program, you are agreeing to the Hotel WiFi Connect Terms and Conditions

How it works

Apply to the program

Choose a subscription plan. Higher plans offer more flexible testing options, advanced monitoring, and useful APIs.

Integrate the speed test

Choose one or more options to integrate the speed test. The integration options vary from a simple link to your speed-test page in your printed materials to seamless guest tests and self-testing

Monitor your WiFi performance

Make sure your WiFi network works well for your guests. See your guests’ comments and suggestions. Monitor trends.

Attract new guests

Once the WiFi test is integrated, you will start seeing high confidence scores. Because these score play a major role in calculating WiFi ratings and city rankings, travelers will view your hotel as a safe choice offering great WiFi.

Showcase your WiFi on your website

Use a widget or API to show your WiFi speed or rank in the city on your website.

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