Content API Display Requirements

Hotel WiFi Test makes this content available to interested parties at no cost in exchange for the free traffic driven to Hotel WiFi Test from each integration.

Once the Hotel WiFi Test content is integrated on a test version of your website, please contact us and provide a link to the integrated content so that we can preview and approve your integration. Only after the approval can Hotel WiFi Test data be displayed on a publicly accessible webpage or app.

Below you can find two options for including links back to With both options a link that was provided along with your access token should be used.

Option 1: on the content page

This is the recommended option. This integration should include a link to that is positioned as close as possible to the Hotel WiFi Test content.

There are two options for displaying the link: the Hotel WiFi Test logo, which must be used without modification, or a text link. The link text must be at least the same size as the regular text on the webpage.


Option 2: in the booking confirmation emails

If you are running a hotel booking site and your policy prohibits any links from your hotel selection page or there are other reasons that prevent you from implementing the first option, you can include a link to our service in a booking confirmation email. The content page should still clearly attribute the WiFi data to

Since this type of linking drives a much smaller amount of traffic, in this case, the link text in an email should contain an explicit call to the traveler to test the hotel WiFi once they arrive at the hotel. The exact design and placement is your decision as long as it drives a reasonable number of tests.

Please use this integration only if you have very good reasons for not utilising the first option.

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