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Hotel Wi-Fi is Second Only to a Comfortable Bed.

Numerous studies have shown that Wi-Fi is one of the most important hotel features. Displaying hotel Wi-Fi quality info on your website or app can give you a competitive advantage, higher customer satisfaction and better conversion rates.

Hotel WiFi Test provides a free content API that is designed for server-to-server integrations and provides hotel WiFi quality records in bulk. You can cache data on your servers and implement almost any integration scenario, including filtering and sorting, without any performance implications.

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Integration examples

The examples below show how Wi-Fi quality information can be shown on a hotel webpage. These examples are given only for your reference; you are free to present this information in your own way, according to your own design and priorities.

In the first example (WiFi Rank), you could also add the following explanation as a pop-up, or in another form: "Better than 92% of the hotels worldwide”.

WiFi Rank
100 is best
16.4 Mbps
Confidence: 54%
16.4 Mbps
16.4 Mbps

Service overview

Hotel WiFi speed information is useful information to display on a hotel page or to use as a filter or sorting criterion on a hotel selection page.

A typical workflow looks like this:

  1. Apply for the API access and receive an access token and API documentation.
  2. Download hotel WiFi quality data for all tested hotels or selected hotels matching your regional focus and store it in your database.
  3. Integrate this information into a private version of your website or app.
  4. Send us a link to your integration to get approval to go public.
  5. Regularly refresh Hotel WiFi Test’s content to make sure that your users have the latest information.

By using our API, you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions and conform to the Display Requirements.


For every hotel, we return the following information:

  • WiFi rank: the percentile ranking that shows how this hotel compares with other hotels worldwide. It takes into account all key WiFi characteristics, such as download speed, upload speed, and latency along with confidence. This is the recommended value for the initial sorting and filtering.
  • Expected speed: indicates the speed in Mbps that a user would likely get at a randomly chosen time of day.
  • Confidence: a percentage value that shows how thoroughly the WiFi has been tested at the hotel. The confidence value depends on several factors, including the number of speed tests taken, the number and rating of users who took them, how recently the tests occurred, and the diversity of tests in terms of the time of day and day of the week.

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