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Hotel WiFi: under the speed limit

When some of us book hotel rooms, our first thoughts aren’t about whether they have in-room coffee service, or if housekeeping will let have a few extra tiny bottles of shampoo. Instead, our eyes immediately scan for "Free WiFi" somewhere on the booking website. The promise of free WiFi is a big draw in today’s age of constant connectivity. Nothing could be more disheartening than turning on your laptop, only to realize that the hotel’s WiFi is so slow it will take four hours to view the thirty-minute video. You’ve begun to wonder if there’s anyone out there who cares whether hotels not only deliver the WiFi they advertise, but whether they deliver really-good WiFi.

We’ve heard your cry for fast and reliable hotel WiFi and decided to motivate hotels to step up their game. We believe we can get hotels worldwide to reevaluate their WiFi service, and make improvements that will provide guests with the quality service they expect from the moment they make their reservation.

Why it all matters

Every day, more and more people require fast internet connections, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Businesspeople need a reliable way to maintain constant contact with clients and the office. Leisure travelers want to share their photos and experiences with family and friends in real time. Gamers want quick internet speed that lets them play without annoying holdups. These things become difficult or impossible when hotels don’t care enough to invest in the quality of the WiFi they provide.

Another way hotels shortchange customers when it comes to WiFi is by throttling bandwidth in order to save money. Paring down bandwidth restricts guests to simple tasks like checking their email or light browsing, because things like streaming videos take forever due to constant buffering. The inconvenience causes most people to simply give up, and hotels usually do nothing about it because no one ever calls them on it.

How you can make a difference

You can be instrumental when it comes to persuading hotels to invest in fast and reliable WiFi. When you stay at a hotel, simply connect to in-house WiFi and run a speed test at Then, you can share the results via a number of social media sites with one click. Because social media is such a big part of everyday life, the value of a tweet or venue tip on foursquare should never be underestimated. Your comments provide a valuable service to other travelers who figure in fast and reliable internet when booking accommodation.

Best of all, we give you the option to make the hotel aware of your comments. In just a few seconds, you can post your findings on the hotel’s social media sites, where they can be reviewed by both the public and hotels. Even if you don’t wish to make your findings public, you can still make a difference by performing a speed test. When we have enough results, we analyze them and generate a cumulative results page that hotel management or potential guests can view via social media, or by visiting our web page.

What makes us different

We don’t just offer another speed test. Our test is designed to submit only those results you obtain while you are in the hotel.To safeguard results, and make sure that they are applied to the proper hotel location, smart algorithms are employed in our verification process. This is very important when it comes to locations with a high concentration of hotels in a small area, because the close proximity of several providers to could affect the outcome of the test. In order to ensure that our results are fair and accurate, we never use them in reports until they are verified.

On the technical side, we rely on widely-recognized content delivery networks (CDNs). This allows us to provide results similar to those you would expect from large and widely-used sites like YouTube, Facebook and Amazon.

How we motivate change

We help the good guys- We applaud the efforts of the many hotels out there that do their best to provide great WiFi, and we want to help them avoid the things that most often undermine their efforts. Because our tests zone in on specific aspects of the network to ensure precise assessment, we can help hotels use the results to improve their service. By analyzing and then explaining the results, we provide valuable information when it comes to determining if problems exist, where they exist, and how the company can improve their existing service.

We call out the bad guys- Because anyone can see the information posted on social media, hotels are extremely sensitive about their online presence, and will work fast to do whatever they need to do to maintain their reputation. We use this simple fact to our advantage. Bad reviews are bad for business, so using our hotel WiFi speed test is an incredibly easy way to make hotels aware of how the quality of their WiFi service affects their reputation, as well as their bottom line.

Why focus on WiFi

The 21st century is about constant movement. We work, eat, learn, and communicate on the go, so constant connectivity, no matter where we are, is more important than ever. Wireless, (not wired) connections are what make it all possible. The tablets, smartphones, and a number of other devices we rely on are all designed with on-the-go connectivity in mind. We want to provide travelers who care about the quality of the WiFi they access with the information they need to make informed hotel choices.

We are also determined to inspire hotels who fall short when it comes to WiFi service to do everything they can to improve it, before it gets between them and their ability to do business. Helping hotels do everything possible to meet customers’ WiFi needs is an incredibly easy way to show that you value every customer, and their needs, no matter how large or small.