Hotel WiFi Test Launches Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

iOS is by far the most popular operating system for travelers interested in fast hotel WiFi. To meet that demand, Hotel WiFi Test is releasing an iOS mobile app to make it even easier to find hotels with fast WiFi or perform a speed test at a hotel.

December 9, 2014 - Hotel WiFi Test launches a mobile app for iPhone and iPad. The new free Hotel WiFi Test mobile app for iPhone and iPad contains two main parts: hotel search and speed test.

In the search part, along with the standard hotel search feature, the app adds criteria related to WiFi quality, such as expected WiFi speed, WiFi Happiness rating (how happy travelers are with WiFi in a given hotel), and the location of free WiFi. These criteria can be used to filter your hotel options, or to color code the hotel markers on the map.

The speed test part makes it easy to perform a speed test for the hotel you are staying at and then share it in a single tap. Your test result, together with other speed tests performed at that hotel, is used to calculate the estimated WiFi speed and other WiFi related parameters.

The usage stats of reveal quite an interesting fact: travelers that are interested in fast WiFi are twice as likely to use iOS devices than average Internet users. It makes iOS the most popular mobile platform for such travelers, even though Android is much more popular with regular Internet users.

June-November 2014 Usage share
General usage share
according to StatCounter
iOS 24.13% 11.82%
Android 12.81% 17.9%

Experienced travelers know that the quality of hotel WiFi can be very poor, even in expensive hotels, despite numerous studies confirming that it is an essential hotel amenity. With this new app, it is easier than ever to find a hotel with fast high-quality WiFi or to simply do a confidence check for your chosen hotel before booking.

Hotel WiFi Test is the most efficient and popular tool for searching hotels by WiFi quality. 228 hotels have been tested in New York alone. The recently announced hotel WiFi monitoring and certification program will provide extremely detailed and reliable information concerning WiFi quality by monitoring hotel WiFi networks 24/7.

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