Hotel WiFi Test launches a partner program for hotels

March 31, 2015 - Hotel WiFi Test has launched Hotel WiFi Connect, a free partner program for hotels and hotel chains that helps them use the demand for high-quality hotel Wi-Fi to their advantage.

Now hotels with great Wi-Fi have an easy way to prove it and attract more guests. Participation in the program generates many tests that are a prerequisite for a high Wi-Fi confidence and rank and that can lead to certification.

Hotels that are unsure about their WiFi quality take no risks when participating in the program. The thirty days opt-out period gives them a chance to evaluate their Wi-Fi quality from guests’ perspectives without exposing their results to the public. Hotels can also request a clean start after a major network upgrade.

Hotels receive a direct objective and actionable feedback from their guests about their WiFi quality via access to individual test results.

Hotel chains receive special benefits. Like individual hotels, they can register in one step. Only one email is then needed from the chain manager to enroll all the hotels in the chain. The hotel chain manager can monitor the sign-up process and WiFi performance for each hotel in the chain.

Hotel WiFi Test provides each hotel a testing page with the sole purpose of testing the WiFi at their hotel. This page also suggests some pain-free integration options. No additional hardware is required for integration.

Hotels and hotel brands can apply to the program using the link below:

About Hotel WiFi Test

With hotels tested in more than 4,000 cities worldwide and 250 hotels tested in New York (Manhattan) alone, Hotel WiFi Test is the leader in collecting, analysing, and distributing hotel Wi-Fi data from around the world. It was listed as one of the 50 Best Websites for 2014 by Time magazine. Data on hotels’ Wi-Fi quality is crowd-sourced, processed, and then made available for free to all travelers on and on third-party travel websites via the content API. The company releases quarterly reports about different aspects of hotel Wi-Fi. The latest report ranks hotel chains by hotel Wi-Fi quality.

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